Nowadays we can see how great the need for an internet connection for everyone . Wherever located , most people will always need to connect to the Internet network . Even more so for those of you who are in the business of service or services , which in this case is a hotel and all the services involved. Internet for guests and colleagues is one of the services that are very significant and strategic current and future , why ?

Try to see an article from and that describes how the Internet is very important and strategic in supporting the overall hotel services . CNN article states that most hotel guests complain at the moment is very bad and expensive internet connections that exist in the hotel today. While in his article reported that Indonesia is still very short of High Tech to support the development of the MICE ( Meeting, Incentive , Convention, and Exhibition ).

But the best internet connection it should be ready with the high cost? Is that not so? Most people would say so, for the internet connection will usually imagined with:

  • • High Investment
  • • Operational Expense, Cost...Cost...
  • • Bandwidth Congestion (Low Reliability)
  • • Limited Coverage
  • • Complicated Registration System
  • • Lack of Support
  • • Time and Quota Limitation

Is this true? Is it true that the internet connection is good and stable it very expensive? Is it true that we have to invest huge capital for it? There are two answers to such questions, namely:

  1. YES IT WAS! If you are and looking for solutions in the wrong places.

    Come to us, we have solutions for the needs of your guests, internal internet for your hotel, and of course also the opportunity for significant growth in every division services from your hotel.

Note the solutions we offer the following:

  • • Zero Investment
  • • Managed infrastructure
  • • Internet Access Coverage in all areas
  • • Guaranteed bandwidth to every gadgets
  • • Unlimited Internet Access
  • • Simple Process (No. Vouchers needed)
  • • Backoffice bandwidth

With the Internet solutions that we offer, then the benefits for you are:

• Benefit for Hotels

  • • Focus on your Core Business
  • • Reduce Internal Staffing and Training
  • • Manage Services (Expert Technical Support)
  • • Service Level Agreement (Mean Time To Repair, Availability, and Performance Reporting)


• Business Impact

  • • Increase occupancy and Guest loyalty
  • • Increase revenue in ancillary products, such as F & B
  • • Decrease operating and capital expenses
  • • Improve Control of Assets
  • • Increase revenue


Then what you waiting for? Immediately CONTACT US for more detailed explanations and more complete information.